About Rob Speck and “Process Maximus”

I am currently director and unit lead for SourceCode North America’s consulting services team.  SourceCode’s K2 product suite helps enterprises automate business processes and integrate information for the execution of workflow activities.  Leading the consulting organization, I have managed a transformation effort that has improved alignment of client requirements and has broadened service capabilities.

I most recently served as vice-president and principal consultant for Nimbus Partners, a TIBCO company.  I have spent over twenty years working with global organizations to improve operational process management, risk management, compliance and corporate governance.  After earning an MBA from Clark University in 1988, I served as a financial analyst for General Electric Capital Corp and then an investment analyst for a high-yield bond portfolio within Osterricheshe Landerbank.  From 1992-1997, I developed a business unit within Lotus Development’s OneSource division and then ran a software solution development unit for Cambridge Technology Partners from 1997-2001. 

I founded AVIVA Consulting Group to provide services on the Microsoft platform supporting process automation and collaboration.  After developing a GRC product and client base, I sold the assets to Neudesic.  Over the past six years, I have worked with Chevron, Nestle, Novartis, Pfizer and others, supporting large transformation efforts, quality initiatives and compliance requirements.   My primary focus has been with pharmaceuticals, life sciences, food and beverage organizations; helping them deal with regulatory challenges and quality initiatives.

I am passionate about the evolution of software technology and its ability to impact organization’s management of risk and compliance objectives.   This blog represents thoughts on these topics including ideas from actual clients who work diligently every day to improve how their businesses run.


I will never actively share the name or contacts details of any subscriber to this blog without his or her consent.


This is a personal journal and represent only my own views and experiences.  The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of my employer.


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